Aarangar Environment Action Foundation focuses in the following areas:

  • Conservation of soil & water and rejuvenation of wasteland
  • Sustainable agriculture especially on farm conservation of agriculture biodiversity
  • Creation of sustainable rural livelihood opportunities
  • Awareness of climate change and environmental challenges and easily doable adaptation solutions

Current on the Ground Projects

1. Soil and Water Conservation

Revival of a dry village Keetla (Dist. Alwar, Rajasthan)

A traditional water body to conserve rainwater – locally called ‘Johad’ is created with community participation in Keetla village (Dist. Alwar, Rajasthan).

This is an effort to conserve rainwater, re-establish local traditional livelihood system of the village, reduce drudgery of women and children who are forced to fetch water from far away places and revive the village ecosystem. At present water table in the village is at 200 feet, all the wells and hand-pumps are dry and only 10% of the agriculture land is under farming. Unavailability of water has ruined all the locally available traditional livelihood opportunities and forced people to migrate to cities and work as daily wage laborers. 

The project was carried out entirely through community participation where 109 generous hearts donated the cost of the work and village community came together to create the water body. the work started on 16th January, 2021 and  by 22nd February 2021 we did complete it. There are many migrant laborers’ families who returned home because of COVID -19 became integral part of the work. Understanding the ground realities we encouraged digging by hand and wherever possible limited use of JCB machine. Overall,
1. A Johad has successfully been created in Keetla village of about 4276 m3 i.e. 42,76,000 Litre water storage capacity
2. Provided 22 People from Keetla village daily wage jobs of worth 146 days, 68% were women.

The impact of the interventions will be studied post 2021 monsoon.

2. Sustainable agriculture

Aarangar is actively working in Tihri Garhwal and Uttarakashi Districts of Uttarakhand. The focus here has been on strengthening climate change resilience and environmental conservation related practices for sustainable livelihood. Reintroduction of traditional seed varieties and organic farming are being focused as of now in 5 villages ‘Juduldi’, ‘Chinakholi’, ‘Athali’, ‘Chamkot’ and ‘Baun’ in Uttarakashi. We also focus on renovating terrain specific water bodies of this area called ‘Chal’. One such water body has recently been renovated with the help of farmers from 3 villages at Piplogi village. The water body is now able to hold 1,00,000 litre of water and provides water for irrigation to at least 10 hectares of agriculture land from the villages Dodga, Thapla and Piplogi villages in Pratapnagar block of Tihri Garhwal.

3. Climate Change Resilience and Sustainable Livelihood : Awareness

पृथ्वी और पर्यावरण (http://degreecentigrade.in/)

Earth And Environment (http://degreecentigrade.com/) 

degreecentigrade.in and degreecentigrade.com  are initiatives of Aarangar to bring forth the consolidated knowledge generated through various on the ground interventions by Aarangar and various other grass root organizations to make the synthesized knowledge available to all. Our focus has been on activities and interventions that bring climate change resilience, are sustainable and creates rural livelihood opportunities. The on-line platforms aim to make the replication of the interventions easy.