Current on the Ground Project

Soil and Water Conservation at Syaluta Wali River Catchment

Degraded catchment area of a small river – ‘Syaluta Wali’ situated in Alwar and Dausa district of Rajasthan is our focus area.

The area is surrounded by Aravali hills from all the sides. Annual average rainfall of the region is only about 560 mm yet most of the water gets wasted as runoff because of the lost traditional practices to conserve rain water. 

We intend to work in 21 villages that fall in the catchment area of ‘Syaluta wali’ river and create awareness & capacities among the local residents to drive effective water & soil conservation efforts to restore the health of the ecosystem.

This is an effort to conserve rainwater and soil through traditional practices, restore ecology, re-establish local traditional livelihood system, reduce drudgery of women and children who are forced to fetch water from faraway places and to revive the village economy

Work done so far

In 2021 we have started our work in the catchment.  In a span of less than a year we have created traditional water bodies to conserve rainwater ‘Johad’ with full community participation in Keetla and Kakrali Rampura villages.

There are many migrant laborers’ families who returned home because of COVID -19 became integral part of the work. Understanding the ground realities we encouraged digging by hand and wherever possible limited use of JCB machine. 

A Johad at Keetla village 

The water storage capacity of the Johad is about 4276 m3 i.e. 42,76,000 Litre 

The work provided 22 People from Keetla village daily wage jobs of worth 146 days, 68% were women

A Johad at Kakrali Rampura village

The water storage capacity of the Johad is ~7926m3 m3 i.e. 79,26,000 Liter 

It provided 11 People  daily wage jobs of worth 60 days, 63% were women

The Johad, at it’s full capacity, will recharge 16 wells and 3 hand-pumps

Work Planned Ahead

In continuation with our work we are focusing next on 4 more villages with same rigor and efforts. For this we are looking for your support in any capacity you can. 

Engage With Us

To know more about the work and to support it please contact us at [email protected]

A Chal at Piplogi village, Pratapnagar Block, Dist: Tihri Garhwal, Uttarakhand

A terrain specific water body called ‘Chal’ has been renovated with the help of farmers from three villages at Piplogi village, Block: Pratapnagar, Dist: Tihri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. The water body is now able to hold 1,00,000 litre of water and provides water for irrigation to at least 10 hectares of agriculture land belonging to farmers from three villages Dodga, Thapla and Piplogi. 


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