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  • Traditional water body 'Johad', Alwar, Rajasthan

  • Traditional Waterbody 'Chal' Tihri Garhwal,Uttarakhand

  • Sustainable Livelihood

Welcome to Aarangar Environment Action Foundation

Aaranagar was started with a vision of creating self-sustaining villages and communities through small, local nature based solutions for ecological and economical sustainability. The idea since inception has been of combining indigenous knowledge systems and modern scientific knowledge to derive simple yet impactful initiatives that increases local ownership in creating climate resilient communities for the future.

 At the core of our environmental projects is to strengthen local rural livelihood opportunities and poverty alleviation with special focus on women and children.

‘Aarangar foundation’ believes in result oriented efforts with clear and measurable scientific impact assessments of the interventions and knowledge documentation for replication and awareness.

Aarangar Environmental Action Foundation is a Not for Profit organization registered on 1st October 2018 under SECTION 8 OF THE COMPANIES ACT, 2013. Our focus areas are

1. Conservation of soil & water and rejuvenation of wasteland

2. Sustainable agriculture especially on farm conservation of agriculture biodiversity

3. Creation of sustainable rural livelihood opportunities 

4. Awareness of climate change and environmental challenges and easily doable adaptation solutions


We envision self sustaining villages and communities where natural ecosystem is conserved and diversity of life thrives. Our vision is to implement millions of small local nature based solutions for ecological and economical sustainability.

How we work

We focus on measurable impacts and results of the  interventions and generate easily understandable practical knowledge in Hindi to facilitate widespread adaptation of the lessons learnt.

We believe not only on conservation of environment but also of human energy to get focused rewards. We all work remotely with our common shared values and focus in the mind.  

Our Team

Simple proficient human beings from diverse paths and age groups with deep desire to be useful for the mankind in their own capacity have come together through Aarangar.

Connect with Us

To share your ideas and know more about our work please connect with us.

Email: [email protected]